Deni Džafo

Maintenance Management, Maintenance Senior Expert at MOL Group

Refinery plant conservation project

  • Plant safe stop, equipment cleaning, conservation, and plant inertization
  • Process Safety Management during conservation process
  • Unit removal, valuable material sale and waste disposal

Deni Džafo is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has worked in Oil & Gas industry for 12 years in MOL group - INA d.d. Refinery Maintenance department. He started his career as an Instrumentation Engineer followed by Stationary Equipment Engineer where he was involved in maintenance malfunction/technical failures diagnostics and solution defining and works preparation. After acquired International Welding Diploma and IPMA-C certificate he has been managing several projects including Sisak refinery Turnarounds. He is also a Process Safety Expert on Site with role of of Sisak refinery conservation project manager.